The Watermelon Sandglass Ultra is a Last Man Standing event with a twist. Every lap you lose a minute from the cutoff. On the first lap you have 60 minutes to complete the 6.3 km out and back. The following lap you will only have 59 minutes to do so. This will continue until there is only one person capable of completing the 6.3 km lap.

Race course is in Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve and areas around it, where this ecological haven was first established as a reserve in 1906, rendering it one of the nation's oldest conservation areas. Set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's bustling city centre, one can now discover the enchanting KL Forest Eco Park, a verdant oasis concealed amidst an urban sprawl. In addition to its strategic location and proximity to the city centre, KL Forest Eco Park also offers a variety of activities and attractions catering to visitors of all ages.

Each lap will have roughly 170m of elevation gain and loss. There will be one aid station at the start/finish area.

This is a not a closed course, meaning there will be traffic. When run outside KL Forest Eco Park, runners should always run on side of the road facing traffic, and will be required to have a headlamp and blinker on after sunset.

This event will run concurrently with KL Forest Eco Park Endurance (KLFEPE) with support of Jabatan Perhutanan Wilayah Persekutuan.

Race Information

 Date  20 July 2024 (Race Entry Pack Collection / 10.00am – 4.00pm)
   20 July 2024 (Race Briefing / 4.45pm)
 Flag Off  20 July 2024, 5.00pm
 Venue  Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur (KL Forest Eco Park)
 Format  Looping (6.3 km/loop, 170 EG/loop), Last Man Standing
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Event Schedule

20 JULY 2024 (SATURDAY)  
 Expo & Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC) WMSG Ultra   10.00am-4.00pm  Taman Eko Rimba KL
 Race Briefing WMSG Ultra   4.45pm  Taman Eko Rimba KL
 Race Start (Flag Off) WMSG Ultra   5.00pm  Taman Eko Rimba KL


  • Schedule is subjected to change when deemed necessary by organizer.
  • Mandatory gears check will be conducted during REPC and randomly along the race course.
  • Please always follow the instructions from event crew.

Registration Period / Fees

 13/5 - 30/6 18 & above 6.3km/loop RM240 50


*Registration fee is NOT included entry fee to Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur (RM10 Malaysian, RM40 International)
*If you drop out of Watermelon Sandglass Ultra at any point of the race, you may enter KL Forest Eco Park Endurance (KLFEPE) for FREE (as DNF souvenir).
*KLFEPE is a timed race format. If you choose 12 hours format, your distance covered during WMSG Ultra will be counted starting from 8.00 pm, 20th July 2024 (if you drop out of WMSG Ultra after 8.00 pm, 20th July 2024). If you drop out before 8.00 pm, 20th July 2024, your distance will start fresh and flag-off together with KLFEPE participants at 8.00 pm, 20th July 2024.


Choose your KLFEPE category:

  1. 12 hours (flag off 8.00 pm, 20th July 2024)
  2. 6 hours (flag off 2.00 am, 21st July 2024)

Online Registration - General Rules & Regulations

  • All participants must register online by providing their name, NRIC/Passport number, gender, contact number, email address, and emergency contact details.
  • Upon successful registration, each participant will receive a confirmation slip via email. The confirmation slip serves as the only valid evidence of registration. All participants are required to present their respective confirmation slips and, or identity card and; or passport during Race Entry Pack Collection Day.
  • The Event is open to participants who are 18 years of age and above. Age is calculated based on 20 JULY 2024.
  • Participants must place their race bibs facing forward, prominently as high as possible on the front of your Running Tee. Do not place your race bib on the side of your hips, on your back or tucked away in your jacket. Runners found without their race bib numbers may be penalized or disqualified. Please ensure that the race bib number is visible.
  • Tampering with the race bib in any way (e.g., obscuring/removing sponsor’s identification) will result in your disqualification. The organizer shall immediately disqualify any participants, if this rule is not strictly observed.
  • No pets or animals allowed on the course.
  • A runner is not allowed to be supported by any 3rd Party or participant to the race.
  • If you withdraw from the race, you must report to the closest checkpoint. This will ensure that you will be safety remove from the race course and transported back to the race venue.
  • If you need First Aid assistance on the course, you must contact the emergency number which will be provided to you during the REPC 20 JULY 2024 / as stipulated in the EVENT GUIDE to be shared prior to race weekend.
  • You must always carry your own mandatory gear during the race. Random gear checks will be conducted during the race. Runners without mandatory items will not be able to proceed, until they arrange for the missing items to be replaced.
  • You must obey the instructions given by checkpoint officials, or course officials and withdraw from the race if you miss any cut-off time at checkpoint or on the course.
  • Littering is prohibited. Kindly dispose all litter at the nearest checkpoint.
  • Do not leave any human faeces on the course. If you need to poo, use a toilet, a wag bag or get off course and “Leave No Trace”.
  • You must obey any information signs and markers along the race course.
  • The organizer reserves the right to discourage and/or penalize behaviour that is considered unsporting.

WMSG Ultra Rules & Regulations

  • Runners must stay on the course once the sandglass is turned upside down and cannot visit their crew, their tent, their vehicle or receive aid from anyone.
  • The only reason for leaving the course once the sandglass is turned upside down is to use the restrooms.
  • Once you finish your loop you may choose to do what you want, but must be back in the starting corral before the bell rings (from loop 2 and above).
  • Runners can provide their own aid/support station. There will be a space next to the Start/Finish line to set up small personal items. A camp area will be close by where you may set up a tent.
  • All participants are allowed to have their own support crews.
  • Participants may carry their own food and drinks before the flag off, but no assistance will be allowed during loop.
  • No pacer is allowed on the course. 
  • No trekking poles is permitted.
  • No umbrella is permitted.
  • Late start is not allowed.
  • Participants need to carry all mandatory items.
  • No participants are allowed to start without a working head lamp (in the dark).
  • Switch off the head lamp in the dark will be disqualified.
  • Participants will need to follow the designed directions.



  • WMSG Ultra will be officially timed using timing chip per loop.



  • The winner is the last person to complete a loop.
  • All other participants are technically DNF.
  • If no runner can complete one more loop than anyone else, there is no winner.

Runner's Entitlements

 Race Bib Yes
 Timing Chip Yes
 Event Tee (Last Man Standing) Yes
 Finisher Tee (Last Man Standing) Yes
 Finisher Medal (Last Man Standing) Yes
 E-Certificate Yes
 Food & Refreshments at Race Venue Yes
 Personal Insurance / Public Liability Insurance Yes

Event T-Shirt

All participants will receive an event tee.

Participants are advised to refer to the size chart and select their sizes carefully to avoid any sizing issues.

No exchange will be allowed after confirmation of registration.

T-Shirt Size Chart

Route Maps & Checkpoints

Mandatory Items

Mandatory gear check will be conducted prior to Race Entry Pack Collection and randomly during the race.

Any runners who fail to adhere to the list below will incur penalty, where time will be added to their finishing time based on the severity of the omission, and in some cases will give the organizer the right to penalize the said runner. Any decision made is at the organizer’s discretion and it will be final.

 Headlamp Yes DQ  Automatic Dismissal
 Blinker Yes DQ  Automatic Dismissal 
 Mobile phone (GPS & Emergency) Yes DQ  Automatic Dismissal 
 Shoe Yes DQ  Automatic Dismissal 
 Personal cup Yes DQ  Automatic Dismissal 
 Bowl and spoon Yes DQ  Automatic Dismissal 

Recommended Items

 Waterproof jacket
 Windproof jacket
 Spare cloth
 Cap, bandana or buff
 Arm sleeves
 Vaseline or anti-heat cream
 GPS watch

Drop Bag

Runners may drop their bag at Race Venue from 10am (20 July 2024).

Race Bibs

The race bib must be always worn on the front torso and must remain completely visible during the entire race. It must be place on top of all clothing and not to be hidden under the cloth, or place on your leg or bag. Your race bib is the pass to access aid station, medical points, and entry to race route inside Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur. If the runner withdraws from the race, the race bib will be cut.

Support Crew

Support crews are not required for this race, as the respective checkpoints by the organiser are adequate for runners to successfully complete the race.

If you have support crews, kindly ensure that they only support you at the respective checkpoints. Support crews are not allowed on the course, as they could be a hazard to other runners or to themselves. Anyone found to have breached this rule of law will be disqualified and evicted from the course.

Organiser is not responsible for the safety of support crews. The registered runner is responsible for the actions of his/her support crews. Support crews must comply with all instructions from event officials. The runner may be penalized or disqualified for actions or breaches of the rules by their support crew.

Support crews must not eat the provided food at checkpoints. The food is for the competitors only.

Only runners are allowed to gain possession of their drop bags at the designated checkpoints.

Kindly check with organiser for admission of support crew into the welcoming-party, as only limited number of tickets are available.


Campsite will be available inside Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur (Gate E2 area) with minimum fee. Bookings will be announced soon.

Refunds and Transfers

If you can no longer participate in the race, please refer to ‘Refund Policy’ and ‘Entry Transfers’ below to check your available options.


Refund Policy
Once payment has been made and registration confirmed, there will be no refunds unless the event is cancelled by the organiser for reasons other than those stated below.

*Do note that there will be a 8% gateway charge on the total amount, or min. RM2.00, whichever is higher to be paid.


If the event course is, in the opinion of the event organiser, unsafe (for example by reason of heavy rain, high winds, bushfires, “acts of god” or advised/instruction by authorities), organiser may, in their sole discretion, attempts to re-route the course, find an alternative shortened course, or cancel the event. Organiser also reserves the right to cancel the event for any other reason which may include but is not limited to terrorism and war. If the event is cancelled, re-routed, or shortened, no refund or transfer to another event will be made. Due to the scale of the event and travel & commitment involved by competitors, it is not practical to re-schedule the event to any other weekend.


Entry Transfers


You can transfer your entry online to an acquaintance up to 30 JUNE 2024, 11:59pm. You need to find the person yourself to transfer your entry to. You need to sort out payment between yourself and the person taking your entry. The person who is taking your entry will also need to pay a RM20.00 transfer fee and 8% gateway charge (or min RM2.00), whichever is higher to complete their new entry.

For EARLY ONLINE ENTRY TRANSFER, kindly email with Subject – EARLY ONLINE ENTRY TRANSFER / Name/ Category to



You are also able to transfer your entry online to an acquaintance between 1 to 20 JULY 2024, 11.59pm. You need to find the person yourself to transfer your entry to. You need to sort out payment between yourself and the person taking your entry. Change of tee size is NOT allowed. The person who is taking your entry will also need to pay a RM50.00 transfer fee and 8% gateway charge (or min RM2.00), whichever is higher.

For LATE ONLINE ENTRY TRANSFER, kindly email with Subject – LATE ONLINE ENTRY TRANSFER / Name/ Category to

Category Upgrade / Downgrade


If you would like to change the race category after registered, you are able to upgrade or downgrade your category before 30 JUNE 2024, 11:59pm.


For upgrade, you are required to pay the category price difference (from normal fee) and a RM20.00 cash administration fee.

Kindly email with Subject – CATEGORY UPGRADE/ Name/ Category to


For downgrade, you are required to pay a RM20.00 cash administration fee, however the difference in the category price will not be refunded.

Kindly email with Subject – CATEGORY DOWNGRADE/ Name/ Category to


*Do note that there will be a 8% gateway charge on the total amount, or min. RM2.00, whichever is higher to be paid.

Race Entry Pack Collection (REPC)

Date: 20 JULY 2024, Saturday
Venue: Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur (Gate E3 – Bukit Nanas Forestry Information Center)
Time: 10.00am-4.00pm

Document Required For REPC

  1. Indemnity and release form to be signed by participant (only if you did not email to the organiser by 30 June 2024, 11.59pm).
  2. Confirmation slips - we encourage a paperless environment. Hence, a confirmation slip displayed through mobile/smartphone at the REPC counter will suffice.
  3. Participant can also produce NR Identity Card (Malaysian) or Passport.

 Please note that race entry packs will not be issued on event day unless the organiser are informed in advance. This is to ensure that there is no disruption to the preparation of the race.

Kindly note that the registered participant is required to collect his / her own Race Entry Pack. You are not allowed to collect Race Entry Pack on behalf of other runners.

Indemnity & Waiver Form

Please Sign a Copy of The Indemnity and email it to by 30 June 2024, 11.59pm.

After this date, you need to Print and Bring a Copy of The Indemnity and Waiver Form to REPC.

Failure of Which You Will Be Charged RM2.00/Copy for Printing Charges.


Indemnity Form - Download here

Insurance Coverage

All runners are covered by Personal Accident Insurance.

Class of Insurance: Personal Accident Insurance
Period of Insurance: 20-21 JULY 2024

Accidental Death: RM10,000.00 or
Personal Disability: RM10,000.00

Direction to Venue

The race venue is located at Hutan Simpan Bukit Nanas (Taman Eko Rimba Kuala Lumpur).
Please proceed to Gate E3 (the nearest gate to Race Venue).

If you are using Google Maps, please search BUKIT NANAS FORESTRY INFORMATION CENTRE
If you are using Waze, please search HUTAN SIMPAN BUKIT NANAS

Event Organizer

 Organiser  Projek Hijo
 Facebook  Projek Hijo / Watermelon Sandglass Ultra
 Instagram  @projekhijo / @wmsgultra
 WhatsApp  +6018-310 1771