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"Raging Bull Run" is a term used to describe a period of sustained upward movement in stock prices within a financial market. This phenomenon typically reflects investor optimism, confidence, and positive sentiment towards the economy or specific sectors. During a bull run, stock prices often experience significant gains over an extended period, attracting more investors and driving further increases in share prices.

"Raging Bull Run 2024" isn't just a mere race; it's a powerhouse in the global running circuit, commanding attention and attracting a diverse array of participants from seasoned athletes to recreational runners. With its strategic location in Kuala Lumpur, a bustling metropolis known for its dynamic cultural tapestry and modern infrastructure, the event serves as a magnet for both local enthusiasts and international contenders.

From corporate-sponsored teams vying for glory to charity runners raising funds for noble causes, "Raging Bull Run" transcends mere competition, embodying the spirit of unity, resilience, and shared achievement. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner aiming for a personal best or a casual jogger looking to join in the excitement, this iconic event offers something for everyone, ensuring that its market share continues to soar with each passing edition.

Event Information

 Event Name: Raging Bull Run 2024
 Event Date: 14 Jul 2024
 Event Time: 6:00 am
 Event Venue: Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur


  • The above fees exclude RM3 for insurance and ticketing fee of 8% or min RM3
  • For the 10km race, category N-Q is open to Malaysians only. Category L-M is open to Foreigners and Malaysians
  • Last day to register is on 30 June 2024
  • All participants are entitled to Lucky Draw
  • Super Early Bird (now - 15 May 2024), Early Bird (16 - 31 May 2024) & Normal (1 - 30 June 2024)

Event T-Shirt

  • 3KM/5KM have the option to add RM5 for a long sleeve t-shirt. This option is not available for 10KM t-shirt

Finisher Medal

Lucky Draw


Organizer's Information

 Organizer: The Protégé, AAA Academy x KoPPZ
 Tel: +60 012-803 3838 (WhatsApp only)