Hulu Selangor Adventure Challenge (HSAC) is an adventure race set in the northern part of Selangor state in Malaysia, promising participants a unique experience with nature. HSAC Chapter 3 introducing new adventures and additional categories for the elites and newcomers. HSAC Chapter 3 has joined the prestigious ARWS Regional Race (Asia Series), elevating the adventure to a whole new level!

The event, taking place on 7th and 8th of June 2024, is a team race where trail running, mountain biking, orienteering and exclusively in the elite category, white water rafting. In the other two categories, racers will enjoy river tubing (body rafting) for the water elements.

The route traverses beautiful nature with many spectacular features along the way. HSAC has once again unveiled a fresh route, new categories and new experiences. The race is designed to cater varies abilities for those seeking a leisurely day in nature and competitive racers.

The race has three distances suitable for all skill levels:

- Elite AR Asia Series 100km (18 hours)
- Adventure 40km (8 hours)
- Fighter 15km (4 hours)

The Elite AR Asia Series caters to elite and experienced adventure racers, while the Adventure category is perfect for those eager to push their limits like a weekend warrior. The Fighter category is ideal for anyone who wants to try out and experience adventure racing. Choose your adventure with 3 categories. Compete against the best in the Elite AR Asia Series and stand a chance to win a complimentary slot in the ARWS Asia Series (AR Malaysia)

Event Information

Race Pack Collection

Venue: Taman Tasik Milenium, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor, Malaysia
Date: 7th June 2024
Time: 09:00am - 09:00pm


Every registered participant is eligible for: -
- Event Shirt
- AR Race Bib (vest)
- Bike plate and helmet stickers
- Disposable timing chip (Team Captain only)
- e-Certificate
- Packed lunch and refreshment
- Finisher Medal
- PA and PL Insurance
- Winner’s prizes
- Packed lunch and refreshment

Event Tee and Size Chart

Event Tee

Size Chart

Winner's Prize

Mandatory Item List


1 Official Race Bib 1 x per participant
(no share)
The official race bib must be worn by each participant at all times throughout the race. Vests/packs that cover the front of the bib are not permitted. Race bibs are provided by the race organizers.
2 Whistle 1 x per participant
(no share)
Each participant must carry at all times a whistle that is pea-less and functional in wet conditions. It must be easily accessible at all times to sound an alert if required.
3 Magnetic
2 x per team Quality compasses for accurate navigation. Compass must have a needle balanced to the magnetic zone of the race. Sports watches compasses do not meet these requirements. 
4 Course
Information and
1 x per team Racecourse overview, route planner, and control card provided by organizers, appropriate for the section of the race teams are completing. Waterproof map case required.
5 Emergency blanket 1 x per participant
(no share)
Used in emergencies to reflect heat. Can be used
to counter hypothermia, but also provide shade or aid in visibility.
6 First Aid Kit (FAK) 1 x per team FAK contents are specified separately. Must be
contained in a waterproof bag.
7 Fire Starting
1 x per team Waterproof matches, gas lighter, and steel are all
acceptable fire starting devices.
8 Pocket knife or multi-tools knife 1 x per team Minimum blade length of 50mm and sharp enough to cut rope or webbing in an emergency. Folding blade for safety. Must be easily accessible while river tubing.
9 Mobile phone 1 x per team Mobile phone with a fully charged battery turned off and sealed in an opaque and waterproof bag/container for emergency use only. 
10 Map case 1 x per team A waterproof, transparent container used to protect maps, navigation tools, and other important documents from damage in wet and rough conditions
11 Permanent marker pen 1 x per team Used to mark the control card and map
1 Mountain Bike 1 x per participant
(no share)
Mountain Bike in good condition (No e-bike, road bike, cyclocross or gravel bike), appropriate for adventure racing.
2 Helmet 1 x per participant
(no share)
Cycle helmet with an approved safety standard
certification. (e.g. CE, UIAA or country equivalent)
3 Front Light 1 x per participant
(no share)
Front facing white light. May be head or handlebar mounted.
4 Rear Light 1 x per participant
(no share)
Rear facing red light. Must be mounted on the bicycle. 
5 Bike repair tool 1 x per team Essential for maintaining and repairing bicycles. 
6 Spare tube 1 x per participant
(no share)
Rider's emergency repair kit
7 Bike pump or CO2 1 x per team Rider's emergency repair kit
8 Cycling gloves (Recommended) 1 x per participant
(no share)
Recommended as hand protection.
1 Personal
Flotation Device
(PFD/ Lifejacket)
1 x per participant
(no share)
Correctly sized for the competitor and must meet safety standards. Worn at all times while river tubing. Inflatable type vests not acceptable. Foam deteriorates over time and loses buoyancy. 
2 Whistle 1 x per participant
(no share)
Must be attached to the PFD/ Lifejacket.
3 2 liter (2L) dry bag 1 x per team Used to protect valuable items from water.
1 Pressure Bandage (Elastic/ Crepe) 1 x per team Total length of bandage is minimum of 2 metres and minimum width is 7.5cm un-stretched. Multiple bandages are permitted. Used to create localised pressure to site ofinjury or wound.
2 Triangular
1 x  per team This bandage in shape of right angle triangle can be used to make a sling, as normal bandage and other applications
3 Wound Dressing
2 x per team Dressing minimum dimensions 7.5cm x 7.5cm each. Applied to the wound to prevent further harm and promote healing. Self-adhesive or used in conjunction with a bandage. Gauze dressing with nonstick film recommended.
4 Strapping Tape
(Adhesive/ surgical
1 x  per team One roll of strapping tape. Can be used to secure
bandages or dressings and in improvised splints.
5 Alcohol Swab 4 x  per team Used to clean and sterilize the skin before apply wound plaster.
6 Wound Plaster 4 x  per team Used to cover and protect small cuts, scrapes, and wounds on the skin.


The Hulu Selangor Adventure Challenge (HSAC) participants must carry the mandatory equipment
while participating in the event. Additional items may be added by the race organizers where they are
specific to their location, and conditions.

Every team is responsible entirely for carrying suitable and appropriate equipment, and sustenance
for the conditions and activities in the event. This Mandatory Equipment List is not a list of the only
items every team should take. It contains the mandatory items that each team must carry with them
at specified times, to meet minimum safety requirements by law, prevent and treat some potential
injuries, and for short-term survival purposes (for example a seriously injured team member, in a
sta6onary position, overnight in bad weather).
It assumes each team member will not separate during the race and that the participant may share
between members the mandatory equipment that must be carried. Participants will certainly need
additional equipment, food, and drinks in the event.

As a parctiipant in the HSAC event using this list, each team is required to carry the mandatory
equipment items together at the specified times. Checks of mandatory equipment may occur during
the race and missing equipment may result in penalties or disqualification as per the race rules. If any
items are used/consumed/lost during a leg, they must be replaced at the next transi6on point. The
mandatory equipment is divided into two categories, equipment that each team must always carry,
and equipment each team must carry during a specific discipline.

Event Schedule

Terms and Conditions

Please read through and understand the Terms & Conditions of the event

Organizer Information

Organizer: Pinnacle Sports
Whatsapp: 0125516670