The KAR Ultra 2024 run is the ultra trail run's sixth edition. Following its inclusion as a 2024 Asia Trail Master Championship Series, KAR has taken another step forward by including a 110km and 60km ultra trail event in Kadamaian, Kota Belud. Participants will start at Kg. Tambatuon which is situated at the foot of Mount Nungkok (also known as Mount Kinabalu's child) and directly led to the valleys and hills of the Kadamaian area. Participants will see the beautiful scenery along the trail, including hills, clear rivers, rice fields, and even Aki Nabalu. KAR welcomes participants from Sabah, Sarawak, Peninsular Malaysia and other countries to enjoy the trail's uniqueness and beauty.

We have decided to hold four main distance categories in this edition, which are 110km, 60km, 35km, and 12km. For the 110km ultra trail category, it is also understood to be considered for Grandmaster Quest points by ATM. We anticipate that more elite runners from various countries will participate in this event, especially for those seeking points under Asia Trail Master 2024.

Event Information

Event Date : 27-28 July 2024
Distance : 110Km / 60Km / 35Km / 12Km
Venue : Kota Belud, Sabah

Registration Fee

Runner's Entitlements

T-Shirt Size Chart

Shuttle Service (Optional)


Peserta boleh membuat pilihan “Need Transportation” dengan memilih YES or NO. Jika YES maka tempahan akan dibayar bersama-sama dengan yuran (Jarak) yang disertai

Terms & Conditions



  1. Suffering the following medical conditions are not allowed to participate in this event
  2. Congenital or rheumatic heart conditions
  3. Hypertension
  4. Myocarditis and other heart conditions
  5. Coronary heart disease, coronary arterial disease
  6. Serious arrhythmia
  7. Diabetes
  8. Any other disease which can be aggravated by running


You must be 18 years old or older on the event day with parental consent if you want to compete in the Ultra Trail distance 110KM, 60KM and Short trail 35KM, 12KM categories. If you are under 18, your parents must drive you to and away from the starting and finishing lines in order for you to take part in this race.

In KAR ULTRA races, competitors who are 48 years of age or older are regarded as veterans on the day of the race.


We may implement COT at every water station for KAR ULTRA 2024. STAY TUNED for upcoming news very soon.


Upon registering for the event, you agree to:

    1. Adhere to the event rules and regulations at all times during participation.
    2. Adhere to the mandatory kit and the rules about using the items.
    3. Accept the risks associated with trail running.
    4. To compete pretty and sensibly without resorting to cheating or going against the spirit of the race.
    5. Understand that participation in the KAR ULTRA is a privilege. Competitors compete with the understanding the right to compete can be withdrawn if a participant is found to be rude or, in the race director's opinion, not an individual that should be participating in this event to ensure some form of harmony and maturity and experience amongst the participants.
    6. Understand that you will be subjected to the most extreme of weather conditions possible and that they know the remote locations of the race course and route and the need to abide by the rules and spirit of competition at all times.
    7. You also agree to abide by the official race mandatory kit requirements and understand that failure to adhere to the compulsory kit list will result in your disqualification from either STARTING the event or being disqualified and stopped from proceeding point in time during the event. You are responsible for your success or failure in this event.
    8. You are required to be self-sufficient with water stations set up to cater to re-filling hydration packs or bottles along the entire race course. These water stations or WS also act as checkpoints for runners/participants to sign in and confirm they have passed through the WS before proceeding on the race course. CPs or checkpoints are also set up along the race course to act as check-in stations without the availability of water supplies for drinking, given they are or may be in remote locations.
    9. Support crews are advisable not to run with or pace runner/participant. They are not allowed to use motorized or non motorized vehicles to pace runners/participants or to use cars to walk or follow or lead runners/participants. Any such acts may result in immediate disqualification of runner/participant and removal from the trail challenge. You cannot receive assistance during the entire challenge until you cross the finish line. Any assistance received may be considered cheating, and the runner/participant may be automatically disqualified.
    10. You must carry the mandatory gear at all times during the event. Random gear checks may be performed during the event. Any participant without the required kit will incur a penalty ranging from a time penalty to disqualification based on the severity of the breach.
    11. Race numbers / BIB must be visible outside of clothing.
    12. If you withdraw from the event, you must inform event officials and sign the withdrawal form at the closest checkpoint. (Unless assisted from the course by first aid crews).
    13. You must obey the directions of checkpoint staff and course marshals at all times. 
    14. If you don’t leave CP until cut-off times, you must withdraw from the race as instructed.
    15. Damaging or disturbing any flora or fauna is strictly prohibited.
    16. Doping and the use of prohibited drugs are strictly prohibited.
    17. Use of trekking poles is permitted after 3km from the starting point. During the first section of the race, those wishing to use poles must carry them in a backpack or waist pack with the points facing down.
    18. This event adopts the concept of BRING YOUR OWN CUP/BOTTLE. Therefore, the organizers advise all participants to bring their own bottles/cup to enjoy the food provided by the organizer.
    19. Ensure your safety and the others. Be considerate of other trail and road users at all times. Take care when crossing or running on roads.
    20. The participant is responsible for the actions of their family and friends. Family and friends of the participants must comply with all instructions from event staff and officials.  
    21. The participant may be penalized or disqualified for actions or breaches of the rules by their family and friends. They must follow the instructions of all checkpoint staff, including requests to vacate certain sections of the checkpoint area. The event organizers are not responsible for their safety if runners insist on proceeding with their run.
    22. The organizers reserve the right to change the event rules and requirements, route, and other arrangements.
    23. As KAR ULTRA 2024 is now listed on the ASIA TRAIL MASTER CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES calendar, several rules employed by ATM will also apply during the KAR ULTRA 2024 event. If you violate the ethics used by ATM, you are subject to corresponding penalties in any event involving ATM.
    24. Beside, the KAR ULTRA 2024 event is designed to increase the point accumulation ranking for participants through ITRA and UTMB. Therefore, the trail ultra running rules within ITRA and UTMB also apply to this competition.
    25. Any rule that is not mentioned here will be controlled by the decision of the KAR organizing committees.


  1. Organizer only provided DROP BAG at certain WS, FINISH BAG at the finish venue.
  2. Supervised finish bag collection will be done at the STARTING/FINISH LINE venue.
  3. Bag tags will be issued to runners for:
  • Drop Bag (1 Bag tag)
  • Finish Bag (1 Bag Tag)

All drop bags/finish bags must have the event tag attached clearly and undamaged.


All participants must be insured (event day insurance coverage) to participate. All participants must purchase primary insurance coverage from the organizer to fulfill regulations. They may buy a separate insurance policy that offers greater flexibility and scope if they feel it is necessary.

Event Insurance Policy Exclusions:


Death or Disablement or any other loss caused directly or indirectly by: -

  1. War, invasion, an act of a foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, mutiny or usurped power, strike, riot, civil commotion, military or popular uprising;
  2. Insanity, suicide or any attempt thereat, intentional self-inflicted injury or any attempt thereat;
  3. General disease, infection, or parasites;
  4. Intoxication by alcohol or drugs;
  5. Childbirth, miscarriage, pregnancy, or any complications thereof;
  6. Provoked murder or provoked the assault.
  7. Death injury illness charges or expenses of the Insured (ii) provide any indemnity against liability of the Insured


  1. The organizers reserve the rights, at any time and without prior notice, to make changes to the route and checkpoints/water station points or to the time deadlines; 
  2. In the event of adverse weather conditions (an intense depression with heavy rain), the start of the race may be postponed for 5 hours at most, after which time the race will be canceled; 
  3. Where necessary, the organizers reserve the right to make changes to or eliminate specific stretches of the route.
  4. No refund requests will be entertained for competitors of this event who withdraw, do not show up for the race kit collection / official registrations, or do not turn up to compete in the event.
  5. If the event cannot be postponed to a later date, all finisher tees and medals will be distributed free to all runners by post or delivery within 30 days of the announcement of the cancellation fee. They can be collected in Kota Kinabalu or Kota Belud. The event will be deemed to have been canceled.
  6. Participants accept that the organizers reserve the right to make the changes to the published race course as deemed necessary at any time if there is a genuine need to do so and that the published/advertised event route and course profile may be changed if circumstances dictate a course change is necessary.
  7. Competitors accept that runners are prohibited from bib swapping, re-selling for profit, or transferring race slots/race entries/race bibs to another person without the permission of the Kadamaian Adventure Race Committee. 
  8. A small administrative fee of RM20 will be charged for a bib swap, upgrade and downgrade category.
  9. T-Shirt sizes selected by the runner may NOT be changed.


  1. You must complete the marked course on foot under your power. 
  2. Your race number must be worn (front or back) and visible on the outside of your clothing.
  3. You must complete the allocated cut-off time.
  4. You must check in on the designated timing points within the event.
  5. Runners/participants must produce their mandatory kit for inspection before they are authorized to be officially registered to compete in the event.
  6. Failure to meet mandatory kit requirements may result in a runner/participant being denied entry to compete in the event. 


  1. Runners may DNF voluntarily or by missing the stipulated cut-off times at various checkpoints along the race course; 
  2. Runner who decides to pull out voluntarily must proceed to the nearest checkpoint, inform and register with the race staff by signing a DNF Form, and the bib will be specially marked to indicate the DNF status of the runners.
  3. Runners who fail to arrive at the checkpoints within the stipulated cut-off times will not be allowed to continue running in the race. Their bib will be specially marked, and a DNF Form will need to be signed;
  4. Runner who fails to notify the organizers immediately of their voluntary DNF, thereby setting in motion a search and rescue operations by the rescue staff, will be liable to pay for any costs deriving there-from; 
  5. Runner who has DNF from the race is not allowed to continue her run. If they insist on continuing running, they are NO LONGER part in this event and will be running entirely on his/her own accord and at his/her own risk. The organizer reserves the right to ban this kind of runner from the future edition of KAR ULTRA.
  6. The DNF runners should rest at a bright, safe place with sufficient phone coverage and wait for a non-scheduled race shuttle for pickup and delivery to the finish point; 
  7. If the runner cannot move on their own, either return to the nearest water station point they have just left or to the next water station point. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the emergency number stated on the bib.


  1. Not carrying the mandatory items during the race, including bright blinking accessories during the night; 
  2.   Taking shortcuts and running off the track; 
  3.   Throw any garbage along the running route. 
  4. Cheating (e.g., using other means of transportation, using substitute runners, and other unlawful actions); 
  5.   Not abiding by the rules and regulations given by the race organizer and official race staff, including medical assistants, emergency staff, and marshals; 
  6.   Not wearing the race bib at all times during the race; 
  7.   Continue to run after the cut-off time without the agreement of race officials; 
  8.   Doping and the use of prohibited drugs; 
  9.   Running with their supporters 


Due to the new social distancing norms and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as a result of Covid-19, participants acknowledge they understand that new protocols must be introduced for the benefit of all concerned and willingly submit themselves to these new SOPs and agree to adhere to the stated SOPs below.

“Revised SOP” means the organizer may need to adjust/change or modify SOP’s due to new requirements by “The Authorities” listed below:

These new protocols are guided by guidelines and SOPs International Trail Running Association (ITRA) guidelines, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Ministry of Human Resources, Kementerian Belia dan Sukan and Pesuruhjaya Sukan Negara Malaysia (also known as “The Authorities.”)

Please note the protocols below may be subject to change on advice from the Sabah State Government or any of the authorities listed above:

Participant must be double vaccinated in order to participate

  1.   Participants showing signs of illness on the day of the event and/or demonstrating a body temperature of over 37.5 degrees Celsius may not participate in this event and should refrain from attending the event.
  2.   Signs of illness may include fever, cough, excessive sneezing, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache.
  3.   If a runner has to withdraw due to illness, they must inform the organizers immediately.
  4.   All runners must undergo a saliva test during race pack collection at least 24 hours before the start of the event in order to participate. A positive test means the participant must withdraw and go into isolation and we recommend a second test at a medical facility immediately.


Breaking any rules may incur TIME penalties or disqualification. Any such penalties are at the organizer's discretion and are final.

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