Kuala Lumpur Borneo Half Marathon : Run the City, Feel the Pulse

The Kuala Lumpur Borneo Half Marathon blends the excitement of running with the richness of Borneo's culture and KL City Centre’s landscapes. Participants embark on a journey through the City Centre, the breathtaking natural scenery of Bukit Tunku, navigating diverse terrains that challenge both their physical endurance and mental resilience.

Amidst the race, runners are immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Borneo's culture, encountering warm hospitality and experiencing the local customs firsthand, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants.

As runners push their limits and conquer the miles, they become part of a larger narrative—a celebration of perseverance, diversity, and the indomitable human spirit. The Kuala Lumpur Borneo Half Marathon is not just a race; it's a celebration of culture, community, and the shared joy of accomplishment.

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Pertubuhan Transformasi Dayak (TRADA) x Pure Events




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