What are you doing on this MCO? Are you staying healthy at home? To make sure we are healthy enough, we need to take care our diets and make sure at least we work out by running on treadmill, walk around the house or using cycling machine. As what we know, for now goverment are not allowing any run events to take place for some time most probably there will be no events this year due to this pandemic. So, we suggest all to join VR at least to encourage yourself to keep healthy. It’s a great way to keep us continue running and collecting the rewards. We are from Marathon MY comes out with another unique medal design which is related with the situation we are living now. We name it as Pandemic Passport VR ! The one and only medal design with travel passport, boarding passes and also stamps design in the passport pages. Register now and grab the cool medal now !

Event Info

Event name : Pandemic Passport VR
Distance : 5KM
Allowed : Run Record / Walk Record / Treadmill Record / Walking Record / Step Counts / Cycling 

Race start : 15th June - 30th June 2020
Record Submissions : 1 July - 10th July
Delivery start : 15th July onward


  • Medal Only : RM30

Postage fee : Free for Malaysia , Other countries extra RM30+

Medal (Actual Look Coming Soon)

passport medal.jpg

- Metal colour fill 

- 6cm wide,8.5cm high,3mm thick



- Add your preferred e-bib & e-cert name at "Remark" column.

- E Bib will be added in our google drive 1-3 days before race starts. 

- E-Bib google drive link - ENTER HERE

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More Details

- Medal look coming soon. 

- E-Cert will be added in our google drive after delivery starts.

- E-Cert design coming soon.

- Add your preferred e-bib & e-cert name at "Remark" column.


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